Dark fiber is essentially a fiber optic infrastructure that is in place but not actively used, hence the term “dark”. Optical fiber cables convey information through the use of light pulses passing through them. Black fiber has a much lower total cost of ownership and operation, as well as many other promising features that make it attractive to many businesses.

WAN Dark fiber is the solution to all your business needs that require you to send large amounts of data and information to other places. It’s a sure way to communicate information and a reliable way to trade that will never falter, keeping your business running all the time. One of the biggest benefits of this service is the ability to connect multiple sites with such ease. In this way, your different sites can communicate and share information with each other.

What is dark fiber and HOW IT WORKS?
Essentially, Dark fiber cables use light pulses to communicate information; however, the reason it is called “dark” fiber is simply because it is not actually used – the light pulses are not sent through the fiber. This specific service is provided by many local exchange carriers for the purpose of maintaining fiber optic transmissions. Black fiber suppliers essentially provide the non-active fiber and it then becomes your responsibility to provide the light pulses for the fiber when you feel appropriate.

Flexibility and freedom. Black fiber technology allows your company to deploy the selected connection of your choice through a point-to-point connection. You can send videos, data, voices or all at the same time on the connection and the bandwidth is still under your control.

Reliability and Efficiency The performance of the Dark fiber technology is excellent, enabling efficient service speeds and creating a direct circuit connecting point A to point B in the most efficient way possible.

High-level security Thanks to the use of dark fiber, you can ensure that all your businesses are connected in the most secure way. The security of your personal lines is managed by you and you alone.

Performance. The wan black fiber creates an increased level of performance, up to the needs of your business. This happens for many different reasons, but one of the main ones is that you use your own fiber connection for your business and not share it with other customers of that provider. This allows you to fully control what you are sending, as well as the performance and speed of your black fiber.

Unlimited bandwidth. One of the benefits of using dark fiber is the accessibility to unlimited bandwidth through several different providers. As a result, you can get a lot of service for your money and there is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you can request, as much as you need it is as much as you can get.

Reduce traffic Never worry about dealing with traffic because you are essentially using your own personal system that is not bombarded with anything other than your own business needs that you can monitor and reduce or increase depending on your desired speeds and efficiency levels.


How to prepare statement of work for industry?

A Statement of Work (SOW) is an essential piece of both venture and contract administration that helps ensure that the work for a task will be finished by specific rules and desires. Contractual workers or associates outside your association will utilize the SOW to control their work amid a particular venture. A powerful SOW will incorporate, in addition to other things, work points of interest, calendars, terms, and expected results, so it’s basic that it’s done effectively and doesn’t forget anything. A SOW can be utilized for a wide assortment of activities, going from a solitary visual outline made by a visual craftsman for a customer, to a substantial scale government building contract. In this article, you’ll figure out how to beat regular difficulties and make a strong SOW for any industry. You can likewise download the correct SOW format for your ventures in the segments underneath.

By following the best possible rules underneath and downloading and utilizing our industry-particular layouts, you can alleviate hazards and make a more viable SOW for your association. Notwithstanding our SOW layouts, you’ll likewise discover extra tips for composing a SOW custom fitted to a specific industry.


Administration work commonly utilizes either a level of exertion/time and materials/unit rate SOW, or an execution based SOW. Free contract workers and hourly workers will probably utilize the previous, while a publicizing or inventive organization will probably utilize the last mentioned. For imaginative administrations, for example, visual communication or TV plug generation, a SOW commonly incorporates errands, for example, creating innovative briefs and ideas that must be affirmed by the customer. Statements of work for administrations often cover execution and outline necessities, notwithstanding the work goals, prerequisites, expectations, timetable, and installment data. The timetable for this kind of SOW might be created as a table that incorporates consistent survey sessions and purposes of contact with customers.

Task Management
There are numerous likenesses between SOWs for venture administration and those for software improvement. The principal distinction is the incorporation of more specialized data in the software improvement space. Composing a SOW for venture administration can be very unique in relation to a SOW for other work, where the points of interest are settled and surely understood. Not at all like a SOW for an administration contract, where standards and rules must be taken after to the letter, venture administration may have more breathing space regarding how the work completes, so SOWs in this industry must consider greater adaptability.

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Financial independence on a lower income

Anyone who has read my articles on The Simple Dollar in recent years knows that Sarah and I have set ourselves a personal goal of financial independence over the next few years. Our schedule depends largely on the maturity of our own children, as we expect financial independence when our youngest child leaves the nest.

(For clarity, Sarah and I define financial independence as a state in which we can live from our investments and the income they produce for the rest of our natural lives, even though we have never won another cent.)

Sarah and I earn a good income together and part of the way we can save for financial independence is because we bank my entire salary and we live on Sarah’s income. It’s simply a question of budget, because all the accounts have both names. It makes things easier if Sarah’s check goes into our chequing account for our subsistence needs and my various streams of income go entirely to the investment. Given all our sources of revenue, I find it easy to say that the majority of our revenues are earmarked for financial independence.

This is not true.

Right now our family is spending a lot more than we would need to have a happy life. We could bring a lot of structural changes to the way we live our everyday lives while continuing to move towards financial independence even with much lower wages. I am very confident that even as a family of five, we could continue our journey to a level of income well below the national average.

The reason is that even though having a good paying job makes things easier, it is only one ingredient among many when it comes to charting a path to independence. financial. There are many other ingredients, and you do not need them all to chart a path to financial independence. You can do most of these things, no matter what your financial situation.

Here is a big list of things that everyone who wants financial independence needs to do. You do not have to do all these things, but the more you do it, the better. None of them have to do with earning a significant income, and if you do enough, you do not need a significant income to chart your path to financial independence.

Be serious about frugality
Let’s look at some facts. First, 76% of Americans live paycheck salary. Second, family happiness peaks at $ 50,000 a year, and in many parts of the country the number needed is much lower. Third, the average American earns more than $ 50,000 a year.

What does all this mean? There are many Americans who earn much more than they need to be happy in their lives, and they still live on their paychecks. In fact, even in the lowest case, it’s a good 30% of America, based on those numbers, and I would say it’s a lot closer to half of the Americans.

The root cause of all this is just not smart with the way you spend your money. The majority of American families have more than enough income to enjoy a lot of happiness while spending less than they earn. They fail to achieve this goal because they are not very effective in the way they choose to spend their money, which can cause more stress and sadness.

It’s time to become smart. Start spending your money more efficiently and extracting more value from what you spend. I can list a hundred ways to start doing this, and 102 others, but here are five great ones to start.

First, ditch brand-name products until you know that generics will not do the job. A large number of generic products are identical to the named brands, with the exception of the name on the box. Try them – all – and respect those that work. It goes from everything from ketchup to baking soda and laundry detergent shampoo. There is no reason to pay money for a name on a box.

One way to accelerate these moves – building an emergency fund, paying down debts, making your home more energy efficient – is to use your spare time to earn a little more money. There are lots of ways to do this, but it boils down to diligence: The more consistent effort you put into it, the better the proceeds will be, whether over the short term or the long term.

For example, you can earn a few bucks doing things like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. There’s almost no commitment here and it’s not very intense either. You can log in and earn a dollar or two while watching television in the evenings and then never touch it again if you choose to do so.

If you have some specialized skills, you can earn a little more in a similar freeform way by participating in sites like Fiverr, Freelance Marketplace , where you can earn approximately five bucks for doing simple things that require a bit of skill, like simple sketches or a simple Photoshop job. Again, it’s one of those things you can pick up purely at your convenience.

Best Job Marketplace Portal

Field Engineers square measure a decent platform to point out your skills on to corporations yearning for contractors. What you’ve got to try and do is produce a profile on your website that highlights your expertise and competency. corporations with arranges in your space can have a chance to plan Associate in the Nursing interview and speak to you to barter a contract.
Perfect work resolution for information based mostly businesses. A platform designed to help engineers within the field is to search out employment and obtain a fast fee. FieldEngineer.com is that the right place for purchasers yearning for somebody to require up jobs as a field engineer. you’ll realize an expert and qualified field engineer while not lots of agents. they’ll get immediate results and little question the engineer cannot add the sphere they receive. FieldEngineer.com is simple for everybody.

Field engineers square measure on-line and utility drives, the specified force of full-fledged and out there telecommunications and network engineers and technologists. Special skills for immediate work
Graduation in engineering school may be a huge step. the future huge step is to induce the proper job. the sole drawback is that several engineers square measure graduates in numerous schools and also the employment market is extremely satisfying. It’s onerous to travel to a different town to search out adequate work. many folks United Nations agency have a decent job cannot earn enough to support their modus vivendi.

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What is statement of work and What is included in it?

The statement of work should fill in as an arrangement for the endeavor with clear terms and assertions portrayed out, including what organizations or desires will be given, a course of occasions for perfection, assessed costs, and wants for the client. “Make an effort not to be dangerous. Be direct and sensible about what your association can and will do, and what the client can expect at the cost referred to,” says Armand Cucciniello III, senior VP at Blue Force Communications in Washington, D.C.

Focus on goals and desires, yet surrender some flexibility concerning the process. “It is often better not to explicitly describe the strategy by which you will satisfy the outcomes in an unreasonable measure of detail,” Dye says. “This can provoke pointless work for you, an unneeded cost for the client, and truly hamper the flexibility that would best serve your client. For example, you concentrate on driving 12 interviews when, after six gatherings, you’ve collected all that anybody could require information.”

Does it supplant a verbal assertion?

No. The statement of work should give a made diagram out of wants, in any case, it should be joined by a clear discourse with the client to ensure the two social affairs are in the assertion.

“It is moreover essential to supplement this made record with an exchange over wants,” Harris says. “While it’s the client’s business to examine the statement of work and guarantee they grasp the document before they sign it, the verbal part incorporates an individual touch and impacts the client to feel more drawn in with the methodology. Starting the assignment off with a made and verbal statement out of work sets the tone with an open line of correspondence, which will finally incite a more powerful endeavor.”

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The Gig Economy

The gig economy is comprised of 3 primary segments: the free labourers paid by the gig (i.e., associate degree assignment or associate degree undertaking) rather than those specialists United Nations agency get a payor time-based compensation; the shoppers United Nations agency need a selected administration, for example, a ride to their next goal, or a particular issue conveyed; and also the organizations that interface the specialist to the client in an instantaneous method, as well as application primarily based innovation stages. Organizations, for instance, Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Etsy or TaskRabbit act because the medium through that the laborer is related to – and ultimately paid by – the patron. These organizations build it less complicated for laborers to find a brisk, impermanent employment (i.e., a gig), which might incorporate any form of work, from a melodic execution to sinking a broken spigot. one in every one of the elemental contrasts between a gig and traditional work game plans, be that because it could, is that a gig may be a transient work engagement, and also the laborer is paid only for that specific occupation.

Who is an element of the New Gig Economy?

1. Innovation PLATFORM firms

Innovation stage organizations are a remarkable power within the extension of the gig economy. Incorporated into this classification ar organization, for instance, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Etsy, TaskRabbit and others…

Important Facts about Telecom Field Engineers.

Telecom Field Engineer really integrates Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the design, management, optimization and control of telematic and telecommunications networks, systems and services. Effectively and efficiently manage telecommunications resources and projects with client.

Specific qualities of a Telecom Field Engineer –

1. Knows and researches the means of transmission and data communication systems, emerging technologies and new trends in the field of telecommunications for its application.

2. Apply knowledge of data communication systems and information security to design, implement and operate telecommunications systems with efficiency and continuity.

3. Analyze, design, configure and propose solutions to provide economically viable telecommunications services and products and in accordance with current regulations.

4. Understands the different techniques of neurological interconnection of fixed, wireless, mobile and satellite communications networks as well as the generation of communications, optical, lasers and infrared of networks.

5. Secure your knowledge of connectivity, interconnection between systems, data transfers between routers and the use of latest generation protocols and algorithms.

6. This modern Mobile and Wireless Communications Laboratory is a replica of the teaching model of the equipment installed by the mobile operators in the network.

7. Get trained in the implementation and development with mock-ups of communication systems for teaching mobile and wireless technologies, and put them into operation.